© Scienzia Systems Inc. 2015 Optical Modeling and Design Optical system design, optical modeling/lens design (Zemax), laser scanning system design (polygon, galvo, mems), 3D imaging/sensor systems (confocal, interferometry, moire'), spectrometer systems, camera systems including custom cameras, photonics component design and modeling, illumination systems (LED, Incandescent, Xenon). Electrical Design Embedded processor solutions (TI, Atmel, NXP), high resolution and gain amplifiers, laser and LED drivers, LED illumination, custom illumination and camera pcb’s. Software Development Embedded software for sensor and application control, embedded image processing applications.  PC application development for sensor control/calibration. Image processing algorithm development.  C/C++, C#. Engineering Excellence Unsurpassed Service Mechanical Design Optic mounting, motion systems, enclosures